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Through transformative content and a case-driven process, you will evaluate the five strategy framework and build a strategic roadmap towards exponential growth.

STRATEGIC FOCUS. Solve critical questions:

  1. Answer the questions "where is Point B and what paths will we take to get there?"

  2. Establish a process for revenue goal-setting and performance tracking.

  3. Create an activating set of "invitations" and messages to extend to prospective donors.

  4. Construct an infrastructure plan including the budget, staffing, tools, and systems necessary for performance.



  • 12 hours of transformative learning

  • 2 post-Intensive one-on-one coaching sessions per organization

  • Strategic fundraising roadmap template

  • Critical decision-making framework

  • Access to the Seed Resource Library, full of templates, samples, and tools

  • Access to Seed’s Micro-Courses, online learning experiences designed to be completed in less than 1 hour each



SCHEDULE: Click here to preview the schedule




Content designed to ignite the imagination and instill a high-performing skillset.


One on one coaching is critical to executing our learning. Two 1-hour coaching sessions are scheduled as a follow-up.


You shouldn't have to re-create any wheels. With each Intensive comes the relevant templates, samples, and tools necessary to get a head-start.

Seed’s Intensives are cohort-based accelerators designed to equip leaders with the thinking, tools, and relationships necessary to build a sustainable, scalable fundraising operation.  The Strategic Focus Intensive is a learning experience designed to equip leaders with a fresh strategic lens for your organization’s fundraising operation.  Through transformative content and a mentor-driven process, you will critically evaluate the viability of five fundraising strategies resulting in a strategic roadmap. You will round out the roadmap with an infrastructure plan to identify the budget, staffing, tools, and systems needed to establish a scalable fundraising operation.


Fully operationalizing one to two fundraising strategies will have a bigger return than maintaining three to five strategies at a mediocre level. The activity you say “no” can only strengthen you. Through teaching, peer-review workshops, and guest speaker case studies, we will equip you to evaluate the viability of each strategy as if you were your own consultant. You will consider each strategy through a matrix that ranks: sustainability, return on investment, return horizon, scalability, and needed infrastructure.


  • Leaders of small to mid-sized nonprofits who need a high value, quick return, experience that delivers them to a sense of clarity on a critical pain point: their organization’s fundraising strategies are unpredictable, expensive, and sometimes scattershot.

  • Leaders who often feel lonely and exhausted on the difficult path towards sustainability and scale.

  • Leaders who need to scale beyond the fundraising efforts of the organization’s Executive Director.


  • Leaders who are considering the economic impact of the pandemic and looking for a trusted guide to ensure that their strategic decisions are sound. 

  • Leaders who wish to work alongside a team of strategists and peers to create a plan that will create stability and allow them to scale.

"Phenomenal course! Very organized and helped our organization think about simplifying our fundraising strategy, which feels like such a relief."

-Fundraising Intensive participant

"As a young org without a fundraising strategy, this program was a gamechanger."

-Fundraising Intensive participant

"Seed was amazingly helpful in establishing useful development frameworks that can help me and my organization set strategic priorities for our limited resources. I have strong confidence that the return on this time and money investment will be significant."

-Ethan Lobdell, Executive Director, JHCM

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