Raising More By Doing Less

Within the first few years of launch, an organizations’ founders are working tirelessly for sustainable funding. This is an effort to grow beyond the individual resources of the CEO or founder and establish a “minimally viable donor base.” One of the most effective strategies for nonprofits in this stage is to develop and operationalize a major gifts strategy. The success of this strategy is simple. It hinges on setting up pre-planned actions and submitting to the process. 

In this workshop, Seed introduces you to mindsets, tools, and habits that form the foundation for a fruitful major gift strategy. Many of Seed’s partners have found that by applying these mindsets, tools, and habits, they have raised exponential more revenue. Their work is less about busy activities and more about strategic moves. They raise more by doing less.

You will leave with:

  • A story about your cause that activates giving.

  • A list of connective questions that develops more generous donor relationships.

  • Feedback on your most difficult donor visits

  • A customized donor portfolio template and clear goals for each stage of the gift cycle

  • Personalized coaching on next steps with a difficult donor relationship

  • A customized calendar for major gift prospecting activities

  • A table with key metrics to track ongoing performance


9:00 AM-3:00PM EST

250 E Ohio Street

Pittsburgh, PA



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