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  • Fundraising Coaching and Planning

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Board Training and Capacity Building


Henri Nouwen authored the now popular Spirituality of Fundraising which became a ground-breaking catalyst  to many Christian organizations’ understanding of fund development. Many of the ideas from this resource inspired what Wes Willmer compiled into the book, Revolution in Generosity. Wes worked with and mentored Gary Hoag, who went on to lead the Advancement teams at both Colorado Christian University and Denver Seminary, and now leads the organization he founded in partnership with Dan Busby at ECFA, Global Trust Partners. I met Gary when I was in my second year at Colorado University in 2001. The seed Gary sowed in my heart for  generous giving lit a fire in my soul that continues to this day. I continue to meet monthly with Gary, learning everything I can to promulgate an approach to fundraising that advances the spirit of God’s in someone’s heart as the true prompting to catalyze engagement.



Youth for Christ Foundation

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For over 20  years Nathan Jones has been involved in resource development through a variety of roles in the non-profit sector. He currently lives out this passion as President of the Youth For Christ Foundation and as a Partner with Seed Fundraisers.


A fusion of theological reflection and best-practice has led Nathan to unique opportunities as a catalyst for resource development and organizational health in a variety of faith-based organizations - both large and small, and both inside and outside the local church. 


Additionally, Nathan serves as the board chairman for Urban Skye in Denver CO, and as a board member of the Christian Leadership Alliance.


Nathan holds a BA in Human Communications from Colorado Christian University, and an MA in Leadership from Denver Seminary. He resides in Littleton, CO with his beautiful wife, Libby, and their three crazy boys, Harrison, Silas, and Oaks. As a family they enjoy all the outdoor fun Colorado has to offer. 


I love the mountains - I love skiing, camping, biking, and certainly climbing. In mountaineering you have this role of the “guide”. It is the person who knows the way, has experience in the way, but plays a critical role in encouraging, educating, and coaching their client up the mountain. It is the client’s job  to make it to the top - the guide can’t do it for them. The guide can only share information, give advice, offer direction, etc. But he or she can’t do the climb FOR anyone else - that’s on them. I see myself as a guide. To ask questions, to lay out a map, offer suggestions, but ultimately it will be on those I work with to take steps to make the push for a summit ascent. And for those who commit themselves to make it to the summit, the view is indescribable!


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