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  • Fundraising Coaching and Planning


Director of Foundation Relations

Braver Angels

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Molly is the Director of Foundation Relations at the Braver Foundation. She holds a B.A. from Grove City College where she studied English and Economics. During college, she interned for The Pittsburgh Promise and PNC Financial Services, where she honed her development and communications skills. Upon graduation, she moved to Washington, D.C. to do The Falls Church Fellows, a nine-month leadership development program focused on faith and work. Prior to joining The Trinity Forum, she held multiple roles at several nonprofits including The Human Trafficking Institute and The Philanthropy Roundtable. Molly is also an avid writer, and her work has been published in a number of places, including The New York Times.


Since a young age, I’ve had the immense blessing and benefit of having countless professional and personal mentors and coaches. Some of them worked in an official capacity (teachers, sports coaches, tutors), but most were connections I made through friends or other adults. These people came alongside me and helped me to figure out how to do my job well, whether it was how to study for a college class or how to write a grant. In that same spirit, I work with our clients to help them find sustainable solutions and promote both individual and organizational flourishing.

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