Organization: The Blue Planet Foundation

Location: Honolulu, Hawai'i

Sector: Environment

Project: Strategic plan and Fundraising Roadmap


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The Blue Planet Foundation came to Seed at a critical inflection point in its growth as an organization. It was transitioning a new Executive Director into leadership, re-visioning its identity as unique from the vision of the founder, and establishing its core contribution to a crowded environmental policy space in Hawaii. Not only that, but the organization required a development plan strong enough to replace the annual financial contributions of its founder and scale revenue growth. This strategic plan held significant weight. 

Through a staff-driven process, Seed facilitated a SWOT analysis, engaged the Board of Directors and an advisory board, interviewed key stakeholders, and presented clear decisions to be made which emerged from this research. As a policy and advocacy organization, a critical decision was whether the programming would continue to balance both the efforts of shaping individual behavior and shaping systemic policy change. When shaping systemic policy arose as a priority, the team was then tasked with identifying the pillars of work that are most likely to contribute to policy change and the metrics to evaluate success. 



One of the most unique outcomes of this project is an evaluation plan for the strategic pillars based on research from the Center for Innovation in Evaluation. This positions the Blue Planet Foundation as having measurable objectives for their policy and advocacy work, an area of the nonprofit sector that is often difficult to evaluate and demonstrate impact.