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Organization: Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Location: Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Sector: Philanthropy

Project: Fundraising intensive and workshops for grantees


The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole manages more than $100 million in assets and serves over 200 nonprofit organizations. The Foundation offers a robust portfolio of learning opportunities for local nonprofits. Starting in 2021, Seed became a valued partner in delivering these opportunities.


The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole is located in Teton County, population 23,300 and home to 725 nonprofit organizations. Many of these organizations operate on budgets of less than $1,000,000 per year and are staffed by fewer than 5 individuals. And, according to 2019 IRS returns, Teton County has the highest concentration of wealth per household than any other county in the nation. 


These factors present a fundraising landscape where strategic focus is essential. Seed has provided training and coaching to approximately 50 Community Foundation partner nonprofits. Seed addresses the need to provide high impact, low resource fundraising strategies that work in collaboration with the multitude of other nonprofits vying for the same resources. We have co-created workshops and 2-day fundraising intensives with the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole that continue to be in high demand by local nonprofits. 


As a result, Seed has seen the following in the Jackson Hole nonprofits it has served:

  • Increased collaboration between organizations, including shared major gift portfolios

  • More effective use of board members toward fundraising goals

  • Clarity of division of labor between members of small teams

  • More dollars raised with fewer fundraising activities

  • Cultural shift from “fundraising is a necessary evil” to “fundraising has innate value”

  • Organizations with impact goals that are worthy of significant investment

​​“Seed is an invaluable new community partner, providing the in-depth fundraising coaching that many Jackson Hole nonprofits have long been seeking. Their programming has been a catalyst for strategy analysis and redesign. Seed has helped local nonprofits develop advancement roadmaps that are actionable, sustainable, and yield results.” 

– Annie Riddell, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

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