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Organization: The Center for African American Health

Location: Denver, Colorado

Sector: Health and Human Services

Project: Build and implement a new program evaluation plan


Since 2005, The Center for African American Health (CAA Health) has offered African American and Black Metro Denver communities culturally responsive resources that support them in overcoming the root causes of health problems so they can maximize their individual and family health.


CAA Health serves the greater metropolitan Denver area, which has a population of 3.1 million people. Approximately 5% of the region’s total population is African American.The COVID-19 pandemic and the murder of George Floyd accompanied by ongoing police brutality and issues of systemic racism have provided a larger platform for CAA Health to take the lead in lifting up community voice. CAA Health is working within Colorado’s “grass-tops” community advocacy landscape which has been devoid of sustained Black/African representation.


As the organization reached a critical growth phase in 2020, the team identified a need for a more comprehensive and robust evaluation plan. Over the course of five months, Seed worked with the organization’s leadership to audit the current strategic plan, goals, and programming in order to create a more distilled logic model. Each week the team bravely put everything on the table and was willing to answer the question, “What do we say no to within our program model so that we can achieve a more aspirational impact?” 


Ultimately, the project resulted in a leadership team equipped with:

  • A set of missional goals in line with the program teams’ priorities 

  • A new logic model designed with not only outputs, but also outcomes

  • The skills to audit existing program design to determine necessary changes so that missional goals are within reach

  • A set of tested evaluation tools that measure outcomes. 

  • A spreadsheet set up to record raw data and convert it to a progress dashboard 

  • A sustainable system for data collection 

  • Internal staff members trained to support the evaluation plan

  • A board that is informed and engaged on the above processes

​​“Seed is an invaluable new community partner, providing the in-depth fundraising coaching that many Jackson Hole nonprofits have long been seeking. Their programming has been a catalyst for strategy analysis and redesign. Seed has helped local nonprofits develop advancement roadmaps that are actionable, sustainable, and yield results.” 

– Annie Riddell, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

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