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Aaron Sands currently serves as the Director of Operations with Blood:Water, partnering with local organizations in Africa toward ending the water and HIV/AIDS crises. His role includes portfolio management for Major Gifts, managing a grants portfolio, and contributing to the success of Annual Giving. He knows one of the biggest challenges for an organization is to design and tune the internal systems to support implementation of a fundraising plan and keep fundraisers focused on doing the work, not getting stuck in the system. Having been with Blood:Water from the start, Aaron has navigated the migration of CRM and other systems to support the growth and changes of the organization. He’s been part of the design and implementation of a variety of fundraising plans and strategies, and knows the frustration when things are wrong-sized and not aligned. He’s felt the year-round pressure of fundraising, trying to stay hopeful and disciplined when giving feels slow. In 2020 Aaron started coaching and contributing as a member of the Seed Fundraisers team. He leverages Seed’s tools and breadth of experience in his work with an organization.

Aaron lives with his family in Nashville, Tennessee.